• We are currently using Iam’s Puppy Small and Medium breed puppy.  Let us know if you are going to switch, we can start feeding 50/50. We love Science due to the high quality of content.  
  • You will need a small crate for travel or training.
  • We use exercise pens with are helpful for rest periods and training
  • I give small flat untreated rawhides for those teething times.  Dispose of them when they are chewed down.
  • Your pup will have their AKC papers and vet papers.   They will have at least their 1st round of shots(age appropriate)
  • I use Nylabone toys and small toys that do not have stuffing.
  • Teach your pup to roll over for belly rubs, it is good socialization
  • Puppy class for new owners can help

About Us

  • We are not a kennel.  We work to make your experience with your new family member the fun and positive.VOur Vets are Osprey Animal Clinic, Dr. Dianne Nelson.  This et will also give references.
  • If you have questions about us call our Vets, our dogs are in our homes, sleep on our beds and get great Vet Care. 
  • We guarantee our pups for life-threatening genetic defects for one year. We will be here to support you and back you up. If you read someone has a longer guarantee and have not been in business very long, they may not be here to back up your guarantee. We want to provide you with a Health Happy puppy as a new family member.


Poor Havanese Breeders to Avoid

  • If the breeder has Several types of dogs they are breeding.  Do they breed Mixed breeds?
  • Does the Breeder give you poor service you can expect worse when you call on them later?
  • Do they avoid Having you come to their home to see the pups or they try to meet you at another
    location other than their home to see the pups.
  • If they are not AKC with papers do not purchase a pup
    from them, you don
    ‘t know what you are getting.
  • Can you call their Vet and get Vet references .. if not get another breeder.
  • Does the breeder think they are a Vet and give their own shots.  Most injections given by a breeder
    are not valid when your Vet wants to see the shot records.  Meaning the breeder is trying to save 5 dollars and
    give the pup a shot that is the quality injections that the Vet would give to protect your pup.
  • Does the breeder know many generations of the lines they are breeding?  If not you have not clue if your pup is going to be healthy, even if they did do some testing.  The Dam and Sire may be fine and the Grand Dam and Sire may have gone blind.