When you send your deposit you have agreed to the purchase and these terms.

Price is determined by the confirmation and color of the pup.
We will state the price in an email
If you place a deposit you agree to the terms of our contract.
Canyon Hills Havanese Agreement
You are purchasing a Havanese  (Seller}_Canyon Hills Havanese. The cost of the pup is $________ with a nonrefundable deposit to hold of 1,000.00 for the pup. via Zelle or personal check with the signed buyer agreement.   The remaining balance is due in cash (Balance owing is  $   (                ) .


Pup Color:                                                    Pup AKC Number: _________________
Sex: Male______ Female___

The puppy selected will come to the purchaser with up-to-date Vet shot records, and when traveling a Veterinarian Health Certificate for your state.

The buyer should have the pup checked by his or her own vet within 3 working days to ensure that the pup is normal and healthy. Upon oral confirmation of any major genetic problems from the examining vet, the pup may be returned to the seller within (3) working days of notification, for a pup of equal value. The seller does not pay any medical expenses, nor do we give cash refunds.

Replacement is contingent on the pup being returned to the seller in the same condition it left the seller’s property, within three days from pick up from the seller, and with a written explanation by the veterinarian of the buyer’s choice.  At that time our Vet will speak to the buyer’s Vet. If they both agree the pup then can be returned for another puppy.  The expense of returning the pup to the seller is the sole responsibility of the buyer. A replacement pup will be selected by the seller when a pup becomes available.

Use a flea preventive program and heartworm medication during the recommended season. The pup should be kept as parasite-free as possible, look for Holistic methods such as small amounts of garlic. Puppies are small and need to have their fleas and heartworm meds. separated by 15 days. Do not use combination drugs.  Buyer must also provide a proper environment that is: food of high quality and quantity to keep the dog in optimum condition, clean water, adequate shelter and shade to protect from elements, a fenced-in yard or secure area or on a leash with a harness (collars can harm small puppies), not running loose.  Electric fences do not protect your pup from other dogs/animals, use only when humans are present.
Canine worms or parasites can occur and are treated easily, we do not guarantee against any NON-Genetic life-threatening illness. All pups come with a Health Certificate and proof of no Canine worms or Parasites.  You will be advised by our Vet as to the condition of the pup’s teeth.  We cannot control the growth of teeth,  We can only breed straight teeth to straight teeth.  We do not cover dental.

The pup is being sold with limited registration and Females must be spayed by 8 months and Males must be neutered by the age of (6) months. Proof of this procedure needs to be provided to the breeder. Males that are NOT neutered by 8 months can begin marking.  This is to protect our pups from Puppy mills and make them the best family pet……. If for any reason the pup has been bred, all puppies are the property of the seller and shall be handed over to the seller by the age of (9) weeks. On occasion pups are no longer able to be cared for in your home, the said pups must be returned to the seller for rehoming, or the owner may rehome them to a family approved by the seller. The papers cannot be transferred to another without the seller’s permission.(this is to protect the pup. Irrevocable Agreement to Purchase-Valid after deposit received.

Canyon Hills Havanese

Purchaser’s Name__________________________________


Purchaser’s Address__________________________________


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Seller’s Signature___________________________________________________

Seller’s Email Address________________________________________________

Seller’s Phone Number________________________________________________

  This agreement is for the protection of the puppy.  It helps ensure they do not end up in Puppy Mills or shelters, that is also why we require a spay and neuter agreement.  The deposit holds your puppy and is refundable if you cancel in three days.   We guarantee your pups are healthy when you receive it, for genetic defects that could take your pup’s life. If you have any issues please contact us.