Canyon Hills Havanese Puppies  
One of the oldest Havanese Breeders of the Havanese in the USA
941-220-7070  or  941-488-9095
ALL breeding dogs are health tested for genetic problems.
Now Taking Deposits to Hold
Havanese puppies are due on April Fools Day.    Now taking deposits and no I am not kidding.  Expecting all colors in this litter.
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Havanese Puppies for Sale in Florida.   We do ship for an additional charge.

AKC Champions – Health Tested 

Please read our Contract.  If you place a deposit you agree to the terms of our contract.

We are not a Kennel, providing the best health and socialization, Havanese
Puppies are raised in our homes, with lots of love and attention.

Canyon Hills Havanese puppies in Sarasota, Tampa, Miami, Naples Orlando and all the way to Key West you are all welcome to come and Visit our pups. Chocolate Havanese Puppies are born here often.

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Florida Havanese puppies available,  we do ship Delta Pets First.   

We are 
of the oldest Havanese breeder in the United States.


    Havanese Puppy Love at Canyon Hills!

We health screen our breeding
dogs, every pup buyer deserves a healthy puppy. We are dedicated to
making sure you will get a healthy and happy puppy.

We are Noted for our Dark Chocolate and Chocolate and White Parti Havanese Puppies.

We fly our pups via
Delta, either with an escort or hand-carried through the
Delta Pet First Program.

We have been breeding and
showing the Havanese for many years and we are known for our deep
dark Chocolate Havanese pups.

We do take Credit
Cards via Paypal!

   Hair rather than fur,  great for those with allergies.

  • Rescue: We work to provide homes for Havanese in
    the need for placement in their forever homes.
  • Canyon Hills are Donates to Make a Wish Foundation.
  • We are responsible breeders, our pups are placed in
    the best possible environment.
  • They have a forever home here, they will never be
    homeless or left in a shelter.
  • Experienced Family Breeders of  Small Pups for over
    35 years, Havanese Breeders for 11 years.
  • Trained in Canine OB, we hand deliver all of our
  • I only breed purebred Havanese   WE DO NOT DO
    DESIGNER BREED MIXES AKA Hybrids. With our pups, you
    receive papers and a guarantee.  We have the
    parents, grandparents and know the great-grandparents

Sunny won Independent Havanese Club Photo
Contest.!!!!  She has great eyes.   She was bred by Canyon
Hills Havanese.


Health and Family Life

  • AKC inspected April of 2014, rated excellent home and care.
    Also, USDA inspected.
  • They are
    raised in our living room, where they get lots of attention,
    hugs and Attention.
  • We look
    to provide your family with the healthiest pet possible. We
    work closely with the MSU small animal clinic and our Vet’s
    to ensure our dogs are genetically sound.
  • Our
    adults meet the AKC Havanese breed standards for conformity,
    temperament and
    good health. (remember all the testing in the world does not
    make up for poor breeding and unclean living conditions)
  • Pups are
    socialized and come to their families pre-loved.
  • Pups and
    parents enjoy our home and securely the fenced yard.  The
    puppies are our little family members.


Champion Canyon Hills Gus

Beautiful Champion Canyon Hills Gus had many best of breed wins and finished his Championship in about 5 shows. He is the Grandfather on our dogs.

Our pups are
health guaranteed. Havanese Dogs are sturdy little family pets. We also
offer Chocolate Havanese. Havanese are also known as Havana Havana SilkdogsSilkdogs.ilkdogs.

   This is a picture of our Champion Gus he is a wonderful pet and
he has sired beautiful puppies.

Champion Canyon HIlls Ryder were going places

Beautiful Best of Breed Winner Canyon Hills Ryder we’re going places. He is the Grandfather to most of our dogs

We have Seven
Generations of wonderful Havanese dogs and  Havanese show dogs.

This is our Loved Champion Ryder.  He was beginning or our breeding
such beautiful dogs.

Canyon HIlls Havanese has Dr. Diane Nelson check all of our pups

Dr, Diane Nelson has looked after Canyon Hills Havanese puppies.

Dr. Nelson has been taking care of our dogs for years.  She knows
all of our lines and knows how we love and Care for our dogs.
You are welcome to call Dr. Nelson about our references.

Kathy Mayhall Mother of Canyon Hills Havanese

Canyon Hills Havanese was started by Kathy McCort Mayhall in 1967.

A little about me.  I started breeding at the age of 16 my father
made me spend my own money to purchase a breeding pair of  Minature
Cream Poodles.  We had great family fun breeding these pups.  It was
a great lesson on how each animal should be loved and cared for.
I lived by an older Lady that Bred and Showed Yorkies, She had
Winner Ribbons all over her walls.  I just wanted to be just like
her and Have the best dogs.  She was my inspiration.
My father was a builder and when they would tear down a building he
would find Pigeons and other animals that he would bring home for us
to raise and care for.  We had a wonderful Animal family.

One of Florida’s oldest Havanese Breeders, Havanese puppies for sale in Florida, Florida Havanese breeders, Havanese Puppies, Havanese puppies for sale, directory, Havanese Puppies in Florida can be seen in our home. Florida Havanese Breeder, Chocolate Havanese puppies, Havanese puppy.