Canyon Hills Havanese puppies need.
All items needed to start out with your new puppy.  Make your life easy and get everything.
We do not crate our pups, they are in a play yard as seen below. food, bedding, toys at one end and piddle pad at the other end. This make your life much easier.  You can leave the house and know your pup is not eating the trim off your wall..
You will need a XX Small Harness, the harness will protect your pup from damage to its fragile neck.  Also a light leash.
We advise all owners to leave food and water out all day.  The Havanese do not over eat.  The pup will just eat small amounts at a time.  We also ask that you get some Nutra Cal  This is will boost blood sugar with calories if you feel your pup is not eating enough at first.
A Carrying  Crate for travel, a good soft bed and lots of Chew toys.