Havanese Socialization and
Whelping is important in the development of a Healthy Companion.
  • We all have worked together for many years due to the fact we are family owned.  All of the pups are whelped and delivered in the same manner.
  • All live in the home and are loved and socialized.
  • We recognized the  need for people to get a good sound pet that comes from a home environment.  So we try to see that the socialization is well established from birth.


We are knowledgeable hands on breeders, we are trained in Canine OB, and hand deliver every pup.

Our Pups and Mother live in a Loving and Clean atmosphere, which 
is the recipe for a successful healthy puppy.

We are not a Kennel, our dogs are our pets and companions first!

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visit with us.

Stages of Development
The umbilical cord drops off Day 2-3
Pups should have doubled their birth weight Day 10
Ears will now be opening Day 13-15
Eyes will now be opening Day 10-14
Pups begin to stand and walk Day 16-18
Pups develop the ability to pass urine and feces without their mother’s assistance Day 18
Nervous system will now have developed enough to allow learning of new skills Day 21

                                 Other Information

Our Family has been breeding small breed
dogs for 30 years.  My love for dogs started as a small child. I purchased my first breeding pair at the age of 16 with my own
money. My father also had the same love for dogs.  So we worked as a team and bred the best Apricot Poodles that we could. 

We have never bred on a large scale.  Our Dogs are our pets first.  They live in our home with us just like a one dog family. 

When our female is bred we give her all the Medical attention that is needed to produce the best puppies possible.  We also breed our Correct
Females to the best Sire’s that we can find.  We want to give our puppy buyers the best pet that they have ever had.

I am not a Vet and I feel that only the Vet can give the Medications needed and the puppy shots that are needed.  So all of our pups are
taken with their mother to the Vet the day after they are born.  The Vet then checks the pup over for any birth defects and check for parasites.

Then again at 6 weeks, the Vet gives our pups their first shots. All of our pups have a Health Guarantee.  And we will take back
any pup sold no questions asked.  Our pups are our babies and want the buyer to be happy and our
babies to be happy!

We Breed for Health and Good Temperament!