Canyon Hills Havanese
is one of the oldest show breeders in Florida and the United States.  All of our Havanese Females
have been Health Checked.   These Females are our 7th generation of showing
and breeding these females lines.
Canyon Hills Hanna Montana our darling girl with her new puppy cut.
She is the smartest dog we have ever had. Hanna is almost a
person.  She takes commands easily and is 11 lbs.  Hanna is a Red and White Parti and has Chocolate Genes so she has chocolate puppies also.  She has had total DNA testing.

Canyon Hills Mistie
Beautiful Canyon Hills Play Misty for me.  She is dark Chocolate
with a very dark Chocolate nose.  She is 12 lbs as an adult and was
bred by me and has a wonderful personality.  She has a great coat
that is easy to maintain. 

Canyon Hills  Suzie Q
Our fun and Friendly Canyon Hills Suzie. This little lady is full
of life and fun. Every day is a Holiday for this little girl. Her
confirmation is as perfect as you could ask for. She is an eighth-generation
female in our line. So we know her genetics  Suzie is 01 lbs .. She is a Chocolate with Tan Points.

Canyon Hills Blondie

Darling Canyon Hills Blondie.
 This little lady could not be any sweeter.  She is 13 lbs
and has the most beautiful coat.  She is our wash a wear girl.  her coat
stays matt free.  She has a beautiful coat with Red highlights.  Blondie
is a real lover.

Canyon Hills Georgie

Our darling Sweet Canyon Hills Georgie Brown.  She is from our proven foundation stock.  As you can see she is a Dark Chocolate and White Parti and has a long silky coat.  She is just perfect in our eyes.


Canyon Hills Sassie Sissie

She is a Beautiful  Red and Cream Chocolate Female has a personality to go with her darling face.  She is very friendly and healthy.  Blondie and Joey are her parents.   health checked.   She could not be more loving..Beautiful Amber colored eyes and she is redder than the picture shows.  She is a real lover.



Canyon Hills Allie Kat

Allie is a Dark Chocolate and White Irish Pied.  She is from a Long line of Champions and is just beautiful in person.  Allie loves everyone that comes in the door.  She has been DNA tested.


Canyon Hills Millie aka MiMi

Millis is a Gold Sable Irish Pied,  She is Sissie’s Niece and we should expect she will take on her beautiful coat and charm.  She will be one our breeding and maybe show females when the time is right.  She also has been DNA tested.